If Your Initiation Style is:  Sensual-Touch

(* While each person has a complex mix of all arousal types, we can gain valuable insight into knowing which are the most compelling drivers to our arousal.)

Sensualist-Touch Initiation TypeThe Sensual-Touch Initiation type is the ’embodiment’ of sex. You derive most of your erotic arousal from the senses. The physical sensations and “feel” of sex is the most important part of sex. Touch, smell and taste are what gives the sensualist an erotic charge.

This may seem obvious to you, after all “isn’t all sex about the feelings and the touch?”, is a common comment from a Sensualist. Not really! While most people have sex because it “feels good,” it is not the primary component of what drives arousal in the other types. Physical sensation — both feeling the sensations and sensing their partner’s — is the key to their arousal.

The Sensual-Touch Type looks inward to the body to connect with their sexual arousal. Physical sensation, both from their own sensations and the sensations of their partner, is key to the Sensual-Touch Type’s arousal. They value being in the moment, “what I feel right now” is their motto.

Your eroticism comes to life when you can focus on the here-and-now. What is tangible and real — what can be touched, sensed, felt in some way — is critical to your experience. Even though touch is the goal for the Sensual-Touch Type, orgasm is a strong motivator.

  • Sexual style: Your arousal builds best at a slow, unhurried pace.
  • Favorite sexual starter: A sensual massage
  • Partner: The ideal partner of a sensualist is one who encourages a gradual pace, whole-body touch and their partner to “let go.”
  • Turn-offs: A typical turn-off to a sensualist is a rushed pace or talkative partner who doesn’t allow them to disappear into the senses of the moment.

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Partnered with a Sensualist?

Tips and suggestions to turn on the Sensual-Touch Initiation type:

The Sensual-Touch type can be one of the easiest of types to please — as long as you use a lot of touch and ease into it slowly! Engage in massage or move onto Tantric sex for a higher level of ecstasy. Adjust your pace and enjoy every moment with a sensualist.

  • Caress all parts of their body including non-sexual parts
  • Kiss or caress their neck
  • Starts slow!
  • Give them gentle kisses all over their body
  • Touch their back or buttocks
  • Wake them up with kisses or sexual touch
  • Give them a massage
  • Nibble on or play with their ear
  • Tease them by making them anticipate the touch



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