Sexual resources that Dr. Petra Zebroff recommends for a sex-positive, connected life.


Mating in Captivity. 2007 Esther Perell.  Learning how to develop hot monogamy.  More for therapists.
Opening Up.  2008 Tristan Taormino.  A truly approachable, warm and practical guide to looking at different ways of structuring relationships.


Getting to Yes.  Originally written for business, you can use all of these wonderful communication techniques to find the best solution in any struggling relationship.

The Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner.  This is a gentle and clear book for women who feel they can’t easily say what they feel.  Or that they should be “too” nice. How to express yourself in a productive way.



Bloom Enjoy Yourself
Bloom offers an array of helpful information to give women a second chance at a sexual life.  Filled with how-tos (such as how to have a vaginal orgasm, g-spot orgasm, how to have an anal orgasm) and more sexual information all focused at women who are 45+  (some of which I contributed :).   Go to Bloom Enjoy Yourself.





The Erotic Mind. by  Jack Morin. Understanding how arousal really works for each individual.



Multi-Cultural Romance:
Dr. Faizal Sahukhan brings couples together who are separated by cultural divides.  Dr. Sahukhan gives warm and genuinely sane advice keeping lovers connected. Visit Dr. Sahukhan  at Multicultural Romance.



Smart Sex Talk:
Dr. Pega Ren has a wonderful way of telling you how it is — really! She is a columnist, sex therapist and sexologist that specializes in Gay and Lesbian issues.  A joy to read and talk to.



Arousal Types: Find out your arousal type with this quick tool. Immediate results.

BDSM Contract

Sexual Contracts: Negotiating what you want in bed can be a difficult prospect.



Where to buy vibrators and handcuffs to spice up your sex life?  After running a store for 13 years for women’s sexuality I got to know all of the stores out there.  Here are the ones I recommend.
Good Vibrations is one of the oldest sex shops that focused on women.  Based in San Francisco, it offers the best quality toys, books and videos that are sex-positive and women-friendly.   Go to

Art of Loving
Local Vancouver gem — inviting and warm store with knowledgeable staff and a strong sex-positive mission to bring regular workshops and affordable sex toys to Vancouverites!



Vancouver Substance Abuse Treatment – Women Into Healing is a substance Abuse Treatment Centre in Vancouver, BC helping patients looking for alcohol rehab and drug rehab in Canada

          Social Anxiety Support:  An organization dedicated to helping individuals get motivated and     informed through the writing of experts in the field and the experiences of others who’ve pursued help for social anxiety.



Women’s Health

Pelvic Floor Health