My goal in dating, intimacy and sex therapy is to help you feel more confident in who you are,  to help you find your unique personal connections.  We will explore what may be blocking your success and develop a natural confidence to have extraordinary relationships into your life.

Some Typical Issues seen in Relationship Counselling or Individual Therapy:

Arousal and Orgasm Issues:

After 12 years of hear women’s sexual issues, Petra has found that it is the lack of arousal and difficulty with orgasm that dominate many women’s sexual concerns today.  Dr. Zebroff has developed a program that helps you to become aware of your individual arousal blocks and develop positive arousal triggers.

Sexual Negotiation:

Telling your partner what you want sexually can be one of the most difficult things to do. Sex is intensely personal and talking about it (even with the one you love) can be a daunting task. And yet, it is crucial for a satisfying sex life in long-term relationships.
Dr. Zebroff walks couples through the conversation of sex, helping each partner get what they want out of their sexuality, while keeping the intimacy and the fun of sex alive.

Depression and Social Isolation:

Recent research shows that people have 30% fewer friends than they did two decades ago.  Feelings of loneliness and isolation are on the rise in this fast-paced world. Dr. Zebroff helps you to identify your individual social patterns and skills in this new technological world helping you to expand a meaningful social circle and intimacy with others.

Self Image and Confidence:

The increasing expectations put upon physical appearance are leaving men and women to try to fit into a new and ‘unrealistic’ world of Photoshop. Dr. Zebroff helps clients to see how this pressure leaves an impact on their self image and confidence. And finds a way to build self esteem and confidence to guard against the effects of aging and a changing society.

Surviving Dating and Finding a Partner:

Dr. Zebroff offers short-term, effective counselling to start dating —  leading to a quality relationship, with assistance to help you find a partner with no manipulative tricks, just genuine confidence.

Learn  the skills to open up a conversation,  but more importantly, what to do once you are talking.  When to touch him/her, how to kiss, and how to  move the relationship into a pleasurable sexual experience for both parties.


Stress Management:

Calming yourself in stressful situations can open up a world of self confidence and better connection in relationships. Adults were rarely taught the techniques of “self-soothing” and priority-setting skills are too often lacking – leading to a reliance on alcohol/drugs and other crutches to ‘calm down’ and stop negative mind-chatter.  Dr. Zebroff analyzes the impact of stress in your life, using cognitive behavioral therapy to reevaluate stress perception and management.

Sex Therapy:

Dr. Zebroff focuses on the natural innate strengths within each man and woman to overcome sexual issues and bring out the most in their sexual pleasure.  Specializing in increasing desire and arousal as a way to increase the ‘fun’ and intimacy in any relationship, we use techniques designed to identify what may be blocking arousal, desire and orgasm and what can trigger and enhance your own sexual connections.

Some of the issues are:

1. Issues of desire and arousal:

– Low libido
– Erectile Dysfunction(in younger and older men)

2. Issues of orgasm:

– Anorgasmia – difficulty reaching orgasm
– Delayed or Rapid Ejaculation

3. Couples Issues:

– Differences in desire
– Low intimacy, difficulty connecting
– High intimacy, low desire.


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