What is your sexual initiation style?

Sexual Initiation Scale of Arousal (SISA): The 4 Styles of Sexual Initiation

Sexual Initiation Spank
Do you prefer a kiss, a tease, an invitation or being pressed passionately against a wall? Does your partner know which will work best to get you hot?

This test will help you to understand your initiation style.  Send it to your partner to find out their style. Or just talk about the questions to open up a dialog .

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More about Sexual Initiation

Find out more about sexual initiation

There are many ways to initiate sex. Everyone has their own preference, with some working better than others. There is no ‘right’ way to initiate sex, but there may be a ‘wrong’ way — the one that doesn’t work for your partner.

We all have our preferences in initiation style — probably a few styles for our different moods. Find out your primary sexual initiation style(s) with this test, the Sexual Initiation Scale of Arousal.

  • Get an immediate response.
  • Find out what your style(s) are.
  • Send it to your partner so they can understand you better.
  • Find out what your partner’s style(s) are.
  • Get ideas.
  • Start talking about what really works for you.