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Sexual Arousal

Do you know where your arousal comes from? Are you different from your partner?

Knowing your individual pattern of sexual arousal can provide you the necessary insight to tap into your arousal when you want it, and allow you to communicate your needs to your partner. Find out more about your partner too.

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More about Sexual Arousal Pathways

Find out more about sexual arousal types

There are many ways to get aroused, “turned-on”. Everyone has their own focus. There is no ‘right’ way to get (or stay) aroused, but not knowing what works for you or your partner could cause sexual anxiety and tension in your sexual relationships.

We all have our preferences in arousal focus — probably a little different for every mood. Find out your primary sexual arousal type with this test, the Sexual Engagement Scale of Arousal.

  • Get an immediate response.
  • Find out what your dominant sexual type(s) is.
  • Send it to your partner so they can understand you better.
  • Find out what your partner’s type (s) is.
  • Get ideas.
  • Start talking about what really works for you.