If Your Initiation Style is:  Power-Play

(* While each person has a complex mix of all arousal types, we can gain valuable insight into knowing which are the most compelling drivers to our arousal.)

Playing with power is the way this type accesses their arousal. Man Taking Charge in BedMost sexual arousal comes from the thought of being overwhelmed or overpowered (in play). The Power-Play type is drawn to tension that comes from submitting to the power of someone who can lead the action and take charge of the situation.
The Power-Play Type gets aroused by having someone else take over so they can feel wanted and they “let go” into their erotic experience.
  • Starters: A Power-Play Type will  want the confidence of an “in-charge” lover who desires them.
  • Partner:  Someone who shows confidence and desire. Someone who can read their lover’s cues — and know when to keep going and when to slow down.
  • Turn-offs: The biggest turn off of the Power-Play type is to “ask” what they should do next. Instead, act with confidence and show them how much you want them. Don’t forget to pay attention to their cues, and listen for their safe-word so you do not cross over your lover’s boundaries.

Are you or your partner the Power-Play Initiation Type? Find out with the SISA quiz

Are you the partner of the Power-Play type?

The Power-Play type found the following things highly arousing.

* Please note that this type is only aroused by power in play. Before you try any of the following, talk about what you both like, your sexual limits (things you will never do) and decide on a safe-word. It is important both parties are on the same page and feel like they can stop or change a situation that is not working for them.

  • Take charge of the situation
  • Firmly, but gently push them against a wall (or bed).  Let them feel your urgency.
  • Approach them from behind
  • Surprise them or be spontaneous
  • Approach them with urgency or passion
  • Grab them or pull them into you with intention and desire

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