Sexual tools I have found to be helpful to understand and safely explore new areas of sexuality — opening up an understanding of ourselves and helping to open up sexual discussions with a partner.

All are free and open to all (18+).

Sexual Contracts:

Sexual contracts (not actually binding contracts) are ways to open up a discussion between two (or more) people who want to explore their sexual selves.

Sexual Contract (download)

BDSM Contract (download)

Open Relationship Contract (download)

Arousal Types:

Understanding your sexual arousal profile can be a powerful thing.  When you know exactly what turns you on you can use that to turn up the heat on your arousal with a partner or on your own.

What is your arousal type? (test)

Are your arousal types matched? (coming soon)

SUDO Scale:

 Where do you fall on the submissive/Dominance scale? (test)

Explore more on any one of these subjects in counselling.  Contact Dr. Petra Zebroff for more information.