If Your Initiation Type is:  Provocative-Seduction

(* While each person has a complex mix of all arousal types, we can gain valuable insight into knowing which are the most compelling drivers to our arousal.)

The Provocative Seduction Initiation Style‘sex-pot’ of the arousal types. Do me! The Provocative-Seduction Initiation Type gets their main erotic buzz from the game of feeling desire. There is no bigger aphrodisiac than being seen as sexy (or having their partner show off their sexiness for you). Being sexy (or seeing your partner show off their sexiness) allows this type to feel powerful and erotic. Dressing up (or having your partner dress for you) is an arousing activity with a common fantasy that your partner is overwhelmed with desire for you. Your eroticism is enhanced by seeing and feeling desire (passion) with your lover.
  • Starter: The Provocative Seduction Initiation type needs only an admiring look or comment to get them to feel sexy. Seeing their partner’s arousal because of their sexiness gets their juices flowing.
  • Partners: The Provocative Seduction type looks for those lovers who will appreciate their appeal.
  • Turn-offs: A big turn-off for the Provocative-Seduction Initiation type is being ignored or having their sexual advanced rebuffed. The Provocative-Seduction type loves to feel sexy!

The Provocative-Seduction Initiation Type gets their erotic buzz from seeing their partner’s desire for them. It is important to them that their partner desires them and be a part of their partner’s sexuality. They get “hot” when they feel that they are desired and alluring.

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Are you partnered with a Provocative-Seduction Initiation Type?

Tips to understand the Provocative-Seduction Initiation Type:

Admire, adore, and “see” your partner. Take time to appreciate the effort she/he has gone to in order to arouse you. Let them know what it is that turns you one about them.

  • Send or show your lover sexy pics
  • Take a provocative pose or show more skin
  • Hint or joke about sex
  • Engage your partner in planning out a sexual event or scene
  • Wear (or don’t wear) certain sexy articles of clothing
  • Undress for them
  • Tell them directly that you want to have sex
  • Touches or rubs my genitals
  • Rub or press yourself against them (without saying anything)
  • Shows of tell your partner how aroused you are because of them


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