Clitoral Cervical/Vaginal Anal G-Spot
JENNI Focused in genitals, intense. Diffuse, overall body pleasure. Taboo, almost violently intense. Intense, on the border of painful
This is probably the most satisfying types of orgasm for me. It feels like a gradual build that usually comes by thinking of something really sexy (fantasy driven), which gets really hot and builds To an explosive peak. Afterwards I spent and don’t want any more stimulation. I’ll get all dopey and sleepy for about 20 min and then feel refreshed. The first time I had this type of orgasm I was alone in front of a mirror watching myself with a dildo. Sometimes I hear myself have this type orgasm more than I feel it. It is like my body feels it more than I do. It is felt all over the body. I don’t feel the contractions with climax as much as I do with the clitoral orgasm. I can have many orgasms of this time in a row. They seem to build with intensity the more I have. The only way I can have an anal orgasm is with a very gentle entry and once in and relaxed I want it hard and fast. Very hard, very fast. I can have a massive, body-convulsing orgasm. I need a trustworthy partner and this type of stimulation is so intense that it can’t last too long. G-Spot orgasms can happen when my partner is using his fingers or a dildo on that precise spot. It can feel amazing, but only if I’m very aroused. Otherwise it feels painful. I do ejaculate a very small amount with this orgasm. I keep almost stopping my partner for this type of orgasm. I have to be in the right mood.
SANDRA Reliable to orgasm, fleeting. Vulnerable, fierce. Exhilarating, Dependable, explosive. Hard won, takes effort, prideful, productive
The clitoral orgasm is personal. The one that I have with myself when I masturbate. It is a delicious build and a fast release and afterwards I feel ready to go with day. I don’t always want penetration with sex, but when I do accepting inside my body is thrilling and intimate and deep and powerful. A vaginal penetration allows me to have body and eye contact that makes the vaginal orgasm rock me. Ass play orgasms are the most highly connected with fantasy and are the most intimate and are the epitome of arousal. It is not where you start. You need to be ready to pop. Happen when I am at my highest level of arousal. They are the most satisfying and convulsive. Even though it takes more energy, is dependent on my lover’s intention and how much I can build arousal. I can feel myself building to the point where I am going to ejaculate. I am deliciously expectant and hold myself back from letting go any sooner than I have to. When I am ready to go I push with all my might. Orgasm just rumbles deep inside, and you can ride it for a long time.
VANESSA Convulsive. Deep, throbbing Taboo, Celebratory Tight, Exhilarating
When I have a clitoral orgasm I feel a sudden release, It as if I can feel my genitals twitching and then clenching along with a tingling sensation that runs all over my body. It is a deep almost aching feeling that builds and builds until it reaches a peak. Then it becomes waves of pleasure that radiate through the whole body. The waves can last quite a long time at the peak. It is so dramatically different than a clitoral orgasm, so much so I didn’t know if I was actually having an orgasm. But now that I have read so many womens accounts, it is undeniably an orgasm. Vulnerability inviting someone into a taboo space. Partners in a sexual secret. Everything about this orgasm pushes your limits. It feels naughty which boosts arousal an makes the whole experience surreal. If I am being honest I don’t think I even feel it in my vagina. It pulses throughout my entire body. And sometimes it gives me the sensation of having to pee. I may actually pee sometimes! It sounds gross, really. But it feels amazing.
GRACE Targeted, Quick, Straightforward Holistic, undulating. Intense, deep, holistic
It takes a very prescribed course for me. Once intense targeted orgasm that is difficult to have multiple orgasms. It is not a whole body orgasm, it is definitely intensely in my pussy. It feels more external. I have this more with masturbation. It requires rhythmic stimulation, faster. With partners but stimulation has to be right. Hot, best way to “get off”. It an take many different paths, lingering. This type of orgasm is more complicated. You can stay at one stage for quite some time, orgasm, and come back to that place. Mostly with a partner, which makes it more complicated. Depends on the man’s penis, how present he is, if he understands what is going on. Almost like it needs more coordination. Otherwise you end up having a plain old one orgasm. Not as satisfying. A lot of work. Don’t get much out of it. Never had an orgasm. It is hard to tell where this is happening. It is all over my body. It feels pre-orgasmic, but it lasts a long time. Being suspended in ecstasy. Not passive in this. My vagina is active, I’m contracting and relaxing, more stimulation.