Inside the head of the Initiation Style: Emotional-Connection

(* While each person has a complex mix of preferences, we can gain valuable insight into knowing which are the most compelling drivers to our arousal.)

Emotional-Connection Initiation TypeThe Emotional-Connection Initiation Type (aka “Intimate) comes the closest to the pure lover-connection. Sharing thoughts and feelings and having that connected feeling to a lover is the primary driver of your arousal. Emotional connection allows this type to “let go” and feel aroused and connected to their sexuality. They seek to merge (even if only for a moment), to become one with their partner. It is this ‘in-sync’ feeling that surpasses the boundaries between themselves and their lover.

One of the main pleasures for the Emo-Connection Initiation Type is sharing pleasure with a partner.

Favorite sexual starter: A shared moment or intimate conversation.
Partners: The ideal partner of an Emo-Connection Initiation Type has a good sense of themselves who can “go to” emotional places and share with a partner.
Turn-offs: A typical turn-off for this type would be to be a distant lover, someone who withholds connection or is difficult to read emotionally.

The Emo-Connection Initiation Type craves connection. While every type experiences this emotional bonding a little bit at the beginning of a new relationship, this type continues to be driven by ‘bonding’ even after that ‘in-love’ feeling has passed. The Emotional-Connection Initiation Type’s erotic energy is focused on one specific “person.” They can be happy doing many sexual acts, or being in different environments, so long as they are connected with their lover.

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How to have great sex with the Emo-Connection Initiation Type?

Tips on how to have great sex with the Emo-Connection Type: Your partner needs to feel connected (or the potential to be connected) to feel an erotic charge. Share a conversation, favorite activity or an event. Rejection is a sure-fire way to turn this type off.

Suggestions to get the Emo-Connection Initiation Type turned-on:

  • Engage in an intellectual or romantic conversation. Be genuinely interested in what they have to say
  • Address any concerns or worries they might have expressed (such as privacy, level of noise, etc.)
  • Tell them how you feel about them.
  • Give me cuddles (non-sexual hugs or affection)
  • Set up a room with sensual ambiance
  • Gives them gentle kisses.
  • Make them laugh, laugh easily or be playful
  • Make prolonged eye-contact with them
  • Does something genuinely caring or thoughtful
  • Focus ALL of your attention onto them


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