Stress Management and Priorities

Self-soothing techniques and priority-setting skills are too often lacking in our fast world – leading to a reliance on alcohol/drugs and other crutches to ‘calm down’ and stop negative mind-chatter.


Heavy responsibility can lead to a feeling that the world is overwhelming.   Chronic stress can lead to health problems, lack of energy, loss of sexual desire and depression.


Some of the questions I hear the most around stress are …


“Ever since my last child was born, I don’t feel the joy as much anymore. I am constantly busy and often feel overwhelmed.  I KNOW I should be doing more ‘self-care’ for myself but I never end up having the energy to do it. How do I feel zest again? ” ~ 36 year old mother of two.

“I get so cranky when I am feeling stressed. I end up being a royal b*tch to my husband.  No wonder he never wants to have sex anymore.” ~ 45 year old business woman.

Stress and Trauma Management


Dr. Zebroff analyzes the impact of stress on your life. Whether it be mild chronic stressors that eat away at your enjoyment of life, or traumatic events that change your core being, my goal is to  give you the structure you need to enjoy life despite the stress.


Cognitive behavioral therapy analysis is used to evaluate stress perception and management giving you an awareness of your patterns.  This along with skills in priority-setting, desensitization and anxiety reduction techniques, will allow you to have an active control over your stress.  Even going one step further to discover techniques that use your stress to fuel your energy levels and arousal for life.