What is Sex Therapist?

A sex therapist is a therapist that uses a form of psychological counselling designed to address sexual sexual dysfunction as well as the enjoyment of sexuality to improve and deepen the sexual experience.

Sex therapy does not involve physical exams, nudity and certainly no sexual touching.  It is a branch of traditional psychotherapy and is “talk therapy.” A sex therapist will use psychological counselling methods such as cognitive behavioral techniques to identify dysfunctional myths and beliefs surrounding sexuality, sex education and couple’s counselling to empower clients to experience sexuality in a different way.  A way that allows more confidence and understanding of their own sexuality and freeing them from sexual misinformation and increase intimacy within a couple.

Sex therapy can be useful for individuals to identify their own sexual needs and desires, as well as within the relationship of a couple, addressing the dynamics and patterns to bring greater intimacy and passion.

A Sex Therapist  treats 6 popular issues

  1. Pre-orgasmia: Difficulty reaching orgasm
  2. Painful or Inhibited Intercourse: including vaginismus
  3. Low Sexual Desire and mismatched libidos
  4. Erectile Dysfunction
  5. Rapid Ejaculation (aka premature ejaculation)
  6. Delayed or Inhibited Ejaculation


Dr. Zebroff’s Approach to Sex Therapy:

I am a Vancouver sex therapist who sees sex as multifaceted, enjoyed in many ways and for many reasons. Above all I take a sex-positive approach — never losing track of the fact that sex is juicy and delicious, and living without it is a tragedy.

Petra has a psychophysiology background and focuses on women’s health first. Out of good health (of body and mind) come a good life and great sex.  Key areas of life and psychology that ‘block’ good sex are identified.

Stress is a major factor that has consumed our human experience. Stress and sex have a valuable relationship. One that can destroy a sexual experience as well as add to it. Petra delves into that relationship in every client to find the best possible inspired sexuality living in that woman to increase arousal and orgasm.

But that is not all, once sexual blockers are identified we focus on ‘sexual triggers’ discovering what can enhance sexuality making every woman feel as sexy as she can.

Petra identifies that every man and woman is different in their own individual sexuality.  She has identified different ‘arousal types’ that help everyone know where they are garnering their own sexual inspiration.

Finally, while the individual is the focus of therapy, it is often difficult to separate the person from the relationship.  Sexual intimacy is often lost in long term relationships.  Petra focuses on identifying the dynamic and pattern of the relationship and working with couples to  bring back a passion that is unique to each couple.

Sex Therapy:

Sex can be one of the most intimate acts ever, and yet it can also separate us.

Some of the more common issues I encounter are:

Low Desire & Mismatched Desire:  Mismatched desires are one of the most common reasons couples seek therapy.  One member of the couple feels more desire than the other and they both become frustrated.

Orgasm Issues: Most orgasm issues are due to lack of enough arousal. We have a program designed to help men and women become aware of their authentic sexual arousal style, as well as their individual blocks to arousal. To understand where they may be sabotaging their own pleasure and to develop their own positive triggers.

Sexual Negotiation: The key to great sex with a partner is knowing what you want and knowing what your partner wants. Sexual contracts is one tool to open up discussion about what you would like to happen sexually in a safe and easy way.  I help you to negotiate Sexual Contracts, BDSM Contracts or Open Relationship Sexual Contracts.

Sexual Confidence and Inexperience: Men and women expect themselves to know how to have sex — without any much accurate information. Through education, social-skills training, and pattern-breaking, I counsel the sexually inexperienced to feel more comfortable about their abilities to have strong and sexy relationships that will last.

Rapid Ejaculation (aka Premature Ejaculation): Rapid ejaculation is common issue affecting up to 31% of couples.  It is defined as the consistent inability to delay or control ejaculation along with distress for the man and his lover to enjoy sex.  Sex therapy allows both parties to explore the many solutions to this issue and which works for your situation.