What is Internet Addiction?

The official definition of Internet Addiction is problematic overuse of the computer/internet.  Internet Addiction is considered a compulsive crutch helping to deal with an overwhelming and stressful world and eventually can lead to social isolation and depression.

The term Internet Addiction was first mentioned in 1995, just as people were finding the internet an endless and fascinating place to get information, meet people and explore their sexuality.

Since then internet addiction has become highly controversial topic with two camps: one camp of researchers and therapists look at it as a psychological ‘disorder’, defined as excessive, overwhelming, or inappropriate sexually explicit movie use, gaming, online social networking, blogging,email, or Internet shopping.

Others do not support this view,  believing that while the overuse of the computer/internet may be causing individuals problems, calling it an addiction is misleading.    The word “addiction” seems to be attached to just about any ‘undesireable’ act — gambling, and now the Internet. Calling it an addiction removes responsibility from the person “addicted”, and instead makes for a victim.  For example, the hours spent watching TV is often much greater than Internet use, but TV addiction has not been considered a problem.

Whether is it called “addiction” or simply “overuse”, spending too much time/energy on the computer/internet could be causing a problem in your life.


How do you know if you suffer from Internet Addiction?

A simple test will tell you if you are suffering from an addiction.  For Internet Addiction you can tell if the Internet causes problems or interferes with the rest of your life (job, relationships, home life, physical health, etc) ?

The real test is whether you are happy or not. If you are:

  • losing real life social connections,
  • having trouble at work,
  • experiencing sexual issues, or – your homelife is being neglected because the internet is taking up too much of your time
  • seeing your online friends more than real life social circle


How to Treat Internet Addiction?

If you are troubled by your current time/energy of internet use? Whether you call it an addiction or not, you could benefit from some help.

Using  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy techniques for internet addictions,

I specialize in finding the core of your unhappiness and helping you through cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques to decrease behaviors that are interfering with your happiness and social connection.

Technology, such as the internet and computer has affected how we communicate with others, some of it socially isolating us and some connecting us with a rich and fulfilling social circle.  I use the technology to help you to develop the social skills and social connections that best suit your personality.

Different personalities suit different types of connection, whether that be online, offline or a combination of both.  Internet Addiction or not?  Let’s find out what your solution is.