Recent research shows that people have 30% fewer friends than they did two decades ago.

Loneliness and social anxietySome of the issues I have heard with regularity show how social isolation is increasing and is having an impact on every person in this ‘wired’ world.   People are starting to connect more online than in real life, reporting that they no longer have the energy to meet with friends or even talk on the phone as much as they used to.

Because human beings need social connection to survive and thrive, feelings of loneliness and isolation are on the rise in this fast-paced world. Loneliness is associated with poor physical health, emotional well-being and accelerated aging.

Some of the most common issues I hear are:

” I am a 43 year old woman with a partner (no kids).  My partner is always very busy with work.  I have many FB friends that I chat with regularly, but I just don’t have the energy to see them in person anymore. I end up spending most nights at home by myself. It is depressing.”

“ I have tried online dating, but I just don’t feel good about myself and I don’t think I am projecting a very positive version of myself.  I can no longer get the energy up to get online anymore.” ~  31 year old woman

Depression and Loneliness Antidote:

First and foremost Dr. Zebroff helps clients to see that they are not alone in being alone!  This social isolation trend is a world wide phenomenon that has come out of our fascination and dependency on technology.

While I won’t recommend getting rid of technology,  I will use techniques that help to identify your individual social patterns and skills in this changing world, helping you  expand your social circle to create fulfilling relationships with others and greater intimacy with your partner.

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