Is time passing by as you wait for that special person to come into your life?  Are feeling like everyone has the skills and confidence to get a partner except you?
You are not alone.  Even in our world of online dating, it is becoming harder and harder to meet people we can feel connected to.  Our world is becoming more socially isolated with 30% fewer friends that 20 years ago and fewer opportunities to connect with those people once we actually do meet someone we like.


I offer short-term, effective counselling — dating coach —  to start dating leading to a quality relationship, with genuine assistance to help you find a partner while maintaining your genuine self, without manipulative tricks.

Dating for Men:

Most women don’t want to be ‘picked up’ by a pick up artist.   Counselling helps men who want to get a woman without manipulation, for a real and lasting relationship.

Learn  the skills to open up a conversation with a woman,  but more importantly, what to do once you are talking.  When to touch her, how to kiss her, how to  move the relationship into a pleasurable sexual experience for both parties.


Dating for Women:

How do you know how to portray yourself when others are presenting only the best sides of themselves and stay genuine.

Dating Coach:

I am a female sex therapist and counsellor who specializes in social connections.  Through education, skills training and pattern-breaking I  counsel those who feel they could do better in the dating world feel more comfortable about their abilities  to have strong and relationships that will last.


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