What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy


I work with all sorts of different couples — some married, some in committed relationships, some on the brink of separation or trying to reunite. Couples therapy is not limited to traditional male/female relationships.  I work with all types of partnerships, helping to re-establish a connection in relationships that are too important to give up on.   Sometimes it is friendship that needs some fine tuning or business partners or family members need to find a way to reconnect. Couples therapy is coming together in a safe environment, where two people can feel like they are both supported and their viewpoint heard.


Common issues dealt with in couples therapy:

  • emotional withdrawal or pushing away a partner
  • feeling misunderstood
  • dealing with pointless disputes and patterns
  • struggles with power
  • disagreements over values and priorities
  • outside stress seeping into the relationship
  • crisis such as infidelity
  • exploring relationship options

Sexual Negotiation:

Telling your partner what you want sexually can be one of the most difficult things couples face. Sex is intensely personal and talking about it (even with the one you love) can be a daunting task.  Dr. Zebroff walks couples through the conversation of sex, helping each partner get what they want out of their sexuality, while keeping the intimacy and the fun of sex alive.

Intimacy in Couples Therapy

Intimacy is what gives us a sense that we are not alone in the world. Intimacy helps us feel like someone “gets us”.  It is close familiarity or friendship — the feeling of ‘closeness’.  Without intimacy or the feeling that someone “gets you”, you are much more prone to health issues like heart disease and cancer, depression and even accelerates aging. Too much intimacy “merging” can lead to lack of an individual sense of self some times leading to  a dull sex life. I work to keep you connected to your partner while you maintain a sense of self and exciting sensual and sexual life. Some of the more popular issues clients have come to me with are:

“My and my husband have been together for 12 years.  I love him and I know he loves me, but it is like he doesn’t really see me anymore. We haven’t had sex in over a month, and when we do it is less than interesting, to either of us.  I feel lonely. How can get back that sense of connection. ”

              ~  38 year old woman

“My girlfriend is a great person.  We have been together 8 years so far and I would like to marry her eventually, but I worry because she won’t fight with me.  She just avoids all confrontation, giving me a shrug or the silent treatment or worse, a disappointed look.  I ask her what is wrong but she will never say.  Most of the time I would rather work late or go out with friends that go home just so I don’t have to deal with it.  I don’t know how to get her to open up.

~  42 year old man

Intimacy Therapy:

Intimacy therapy is therapy to help you discover a sense of ‘closeness’ to someone in your life — a partner, a friend or a family member.   I help you understand your social patterns and become aware of how and why you may be holding back in relationships.  We discover way to counteract destructive beliefs or patterns that may be stopping you from getting closer to others, or that may be blocking others from getting close to you. Whether you are having trouble opening up to someone else, or you find a partner or friend is not as close as you would like, my goal is to help you feel that sense of ‘closeness’ in your relationships without being smothered. Find out more information on couples therapy or schedule an appointment at info@artofconnection.org   [Form id=”1″]