Body Image and Confidence


The increasing expectations put upon women’s physical appearance over the last few decades can be devastating to self-esteem — leaving women to try to fit into a new and ‘unrealistic’ world of Photoshop.

Some of the common body image and aging issues I have helped women work through:

“I don’t feel sexy anymore!  I used to looked at much more than I do. In the last few years I don’t get the looks nearly as much .  I don’t feel sexy anymore. Help.”

“A few years ago I had a boyfriend who put me down about the way I smelled ‘down there’.  I know he just wanted to hurt me, but now I can’t get that thought out of my head.  I obsess over my smell so much that I can’t enjoy sex anymore.”

“My husband  watches adult movies.  While I don’t mind so much, and sometimes like it myself, I do feel like I don’t look as good as those women.  I am in fairly good shape, but I have a bit of a ponch and some cellulite.  Every time we have sex I can see him looking at it and I feel unattractive.  How can I feel (and be) sexier?


Building Self Confidence: Dealing with Self Image and Body Image

Dr. Zebroff helps clients to see how the growing pressure to ‘look’ perfect is affecting their self image and eating away at their self esteem.

With awareness, education and counselling, sexual and self confidence can be built up to counteract the negative effects of aging, stress and trauma.


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