Sexual Arousal

Provocative-Seduction Initiation Style

If Your Initiation Type is:  Provocative-Seduction
(* While each person has a complex mix of all arousal types, we can gain valuable insight into knowing which are the most compelling drivers to our arousal.)

The ‘sex-pot’ of the arousal types. Do me! The Provocative-Seduction Initiation Type gets their main erotic buzz from the game of feeling […]

High Sexual Desire: Predictors of high desire in women and men

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Sexual Desire: Factors associated with high sexual desire in women and men.

Dr. Petra Zebroff

Low sexual desire is a common complaint for many men and women, especially in long-term relationships. Low desire in women has become of particular focus with low desire reported more in women than men.  This survey focused on women (and […]