What is directed masturbation?

Directed masturbation is a step-by-step exercise used to help keep erotic focus Directed Masturbationduring masturbation.

When arousal feels too low, or you are having trouble getting enough arousal to reach orgasm one of the only treatments that has had consistent results to increase arousal and reach orgasm is directed masturbation.

Directed masturbation was developed in 1970’s and has lasted the test of time. It uses a combination of body and thought awareness to retrain the body and brain to experience sex as more pleasurable and effectively positive.

Teaching the body takes the form of looking at the body (women are notoriously unfamiliar and uncomfortable with their genitals).

Directed Masturbation Exercise 1:

Relax, bathe and feel in good mind space. Sit in a comfortable position and with a hand mirror look at your vulva and clitoris. Note the texture of the skin in the different folds. Look at it with wonder instead of judgement. See its beauty and pleasure.

Teaching the body to feel sexual again is the first step. Another part of this is to include the mind and look for issues that may be blocking or moving a women’s attention away from the erotic and onto sexually destructive thoughts. These blocks could be in the form of sex-negative values or beliefs taught in childhood or bad sexual experiences.