How to initiate sex with your partner: Practical tips from a sex therapist.

Maybe she doesn’t want to be kissed first!
How to initiate sex with your partner: Practical sexual initiation tips from a sex therapist.

Your initiation style worked on the last partner. And maybe it even used to work on this partner when you first together. But now you are getting rejected more than you are accepted. […]

Waiting for your partner to “take charge” in bed

Why can’t my partner just “take charge” in bed?

This is the question too many women (and men) ask when they come looking for help to improve their sagging sex lives.  The first step is to fully understand what they mean by “taking charge.”  After a bit of probing this phrase is often a common […]

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The 5 most common reasons couples argue about sex

1. Sex is too infrequent
How often is by far the most common reason couples argue about sex. Whether there is a desire for more or for less, this issue usually comes along with blaming your partner for the difference in desire. Most people have an idea of what they consider is the “normal” or […]

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Sign-up for article on Sexual Contract Experience

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Your sexual contract experience

Was it helpful?
Was it easy to use?
What did it do for you?

Fill out this short questionnaire to tell us what you think of the sexual contract.

Your answers are completely private and confidential and are only used only to understand how to improve the experience of the sexual contract, or to join a team […]

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On a regular basis I am asked to recommend a store that I trust for the best tools for our sex lives.

If you are in Vancouver, BC and are looking for immediate gratification I recommend, The Art of Loving.  All my clients get a discount.  Contact me if you would like to indulge.

For those […]

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Sexual Communication: Asking for the sex you want

How to ask for the “sex” you want, and enjoy it at the same time.

I want to explore having different types of sex — being tied down, anal play or spanking — but I’m not sure how to bring it up with my partner!

Asking for something new or different in bed, or just plain […]

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Penis size facts

When men think their penis is too small.


Penis size facts:

Most men do not know, or have a skewed idea, what the average penis size is.  Pornography shows only men with large penis.  In truth, less than 1% of men have a penis that measures longer than 7 inches.

Average penis size:  4 – 6 inches […]

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