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High Sexual Desire: Predictors of high desire in women and men

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Sexual Desire: Factors associated with high sexual desire in women and men.

Dr. Petra Zebroff

Low sexual desire is a common complaint for many men and women, especially in long-term relationships. Low desire in women has become of particular focus with low desire reported more in women than men.  This survey focused on women (and […]

Slow sex and fast sex

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The Pace of Sex: Individual preferences for the frequency of Faster vs. Slower sexual behavior

Petra Zebroff

The pace of sex is one component of the sexual experience vital in building sexual arousal and for reaching orgasm.  Controlling the speed of thrusting (in intercourse) has been found to increase orgasm potential in women, aid in […]

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Slow sex vs. fast sex: What the pace of sex means about your sex life

Fast or slow sex, what pace means to your sex life
As our world continues to speed up,  the time for sex just doesn’t seem to be there. And when we do make the time, are we rushing through it?  What does that pace mean for our sex life?
“I like sex fast and hard, my […]

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Tips to Talk About Sex — with a reluctant partner

Being able to talk about sex with your partner is crucial for a good sex life and relationship.

Most of us have something we would like to let our partner know or ask our partner, but our partner is somehow not engaging with us. Talking about sex doesn’t always feel easy at the best of […]

What Female Ejaculation feels like. Part 2: An Ekers Story

A real account of what female ejaculation FEELS like
An “Eker’s” Story: 42 year old Janie talks about what it is like to female ejaculate

(read the “Gusher’s Story”)


I never knew I ejaculated, until I started to pay attention. I had only seen images where women “gushed” ejaculate all over the place.  I knew I wasn’t […]

Sexual Communication: Asking for the sex you want

How to ask for the “sex” you want, and enjoy it at the same time.

I want to explore having different types of sex — being tied down, anal play or spanking — but I’m not sure how to bring it up with my partner!

Asking for something new or different in bed, or just plain […]

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Penis size facts

When men think their penis is too small.


Penis size facts:

Most men do not know, or have a skewed idea, what the average penis size is.  Pornography shows only men with large penis.  In truth, less than 1% of men have a penis that measures longer than 7 inches.

Average penis size:  4 – 6 inches […]

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The dangers of NOT asking your lover for what you want in bed

Talking to your partner about sex? Can be a scary prospect.

The ugly truth is that nobody can read their lover’s mind. The romantic myth says that our lovers (if they really love us) should somehow instinctively know to please us sexually. And we them.  But in reality, lovers are mostly guessing what their partner likes in bed. And […]

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My Arousal Type is

My arousal type is:
My primary arousal type is:
My secondary arousal type is:

My total profile is:
____% Sensual
____% Intimacy
____% Attractor
____% Cognitive


The ___________ type is driven by

I know my type.  So, now what?

Now that you know what type you belong to you can gain power over your own arousal, build to easier orgasms, titillate your self more, and […]