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Tips to Turn-on the 7 Styles of Sexual Initiation

While we all may appreciate different ways to start sex, most of us get turned on by a 1 or 2 styles more than others.  Knowing your partner’s preferred style is a sure-fire way to get to more sexual satisfaction.  Here are some tips to understand and turn-on the different styles.

1.Tips to turn-on the […]

Sexual Initiation: How 500 women (and men) prefer their partner initiated sex

The most popular ways women (and men) want to be approached for sex.
We are very different when it comes to how we want to start a sexual encounter. To understand this crucial make-or-break initiating moment we asked 500 people their initiation preferences.

400 women and 100 men in N. America answered a questionnaire online about […]

How to initiate sex with your partner: Practical tips from a sex therapist.

Do you know the triggers that make your partner want sex?
You may inadvertently be turning your partner off with an initiation strategy that doesn’t work for them.

If you want more sex but don’t know the best way to approach your partner for sex, here are the top sexual initiation tips to know how […]

No-orgasm sex (no-pressure sex) The benefit of removing the goal of orgasm.

No orgasm sex, as a goal!  “What’s the point?” is the question I will get when I first mention this as an exercise.  This is only for 30 min, and you can do whatever you like at minute 31, is my response.

This challenge started with the 30-min oral sex challenge I started using in […]

Waiting for your partner to “take charge” in bed

Why can’t my partner just “take charge” in bed?

This is the question too many women (and men) ask when they come looking for help to improve their sagging sex lives.  The first step is to fully understand what they mean by “taking charge.”  After a bit of probing this phrase is often a common […]

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The 5 most common reasons couples argue about sex

1. Sex is too infrequent
How often is by far the most common reason couples argue about sex. Whether there is a desire for more or for less, this issue usually comes along with blaming your partner for the difference in desire. Most people have an idea of what they consider is the “normal” or […]

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Sign-up for article on Sexual Contract Experience

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Your sexual contract experience

Was it helpful?
Was it easy to use?
What did it do for you?

Fill out this short questionnaire to tell us what you think of the sexual contract.

Your answers are completely private and confidential and are only used only to understand how to improve the experience of the sexual contract, or to join a team […]

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On a regular basis I am asked to recommend a store that I trust for the best tools for our sex lives.

If you are in Vancouver, BC and are looking for immediate gratification I recommend, The Art of Loving.  All my clients get a discount.  Contact me if you would like to indulge.

For those […]

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The Dangers of NOT Talking to Your Partner About Sex

What disastrous strategy are couples using for sex? Silence. And this self-imposed hush around “our sex life” is keeping us from getting what we want sexually and is distancing us from our partners.

Carrie and John started out hot and heavy, spending hours touching and talking. Every graze of skin felt arousing. But ever since […]